Gift Catalog

Give a meaningful gift this holiday season; make a child's interest a reality!

By giving to Pono, you are ensuring children's stories of education are full of adventure, exploration, and wonderment.  

Thank you!




Amtrak Tickets for Long Trip


Help the Pono children go the extra mile on their long trips. Purchasing Amtrak tickets will allow them to explore cities outside of the New York metropolitan area.

Storm King Art Center


Pono children love exploring nature and the world of art. Storm King Art Center combines both of these interests in an incredible way. One hundred sculptures by acclaimed artists are set on 500 acres of hills, fields, and woodlands in the beautiful Hudson Valley. In order to visit Storm King, Pono needs to hire a bus service. Supporting this trip helps to cover transportation costs, as well as entrance fees to the sculpture park.

A Concert 


Pono children had their turn performing this summer. Now they want to see others take the stage! Support their interest in the arts and provide them the experience of attending a concert.

The Tenement Museum 

tenement museum.jpg

The Tenement Museum teaches the history of immigration in New York by telling the stories of families who lived at 97 Orchard Street. More than 7,000 working class immigrant families made this Lower East Side tenement their home. A visit to the Tenement Museum will allow the children to explore the rich history of immigration in NYC and make connections to current discussions about immigration.

General Field Trip Fund


Our field trips are an important aspect of Pono’s education. One young Pono friend recently exclaimed, “I love field trips and going to new places!” Help support this enthusiasm for exploring New York City and the surrounding area.


Help Our Library Grow 


"Would you like to hear a story?" is a question our youngest Pono friends love to hear! Help us fill our library with titles that will spark the children's curiosity and engage their imaginations during story time.

Help Our Library Grow 


Pono children often reach for a book and can frequently be found reading to one another. Support our avid readers with a library full of titles they can read on their own and with their friends.


Soccer Program


The children practice teamwork, decision making, and balance in our soccer program. And of course, they experience the joy of running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and catching! Help us get tri-net goals that will allow the children to further develop and hone their soccer skills.

Movement Therapy


Because motor development is vitally tied to a child’s ability to sequence both body and thought, and therefore to learning and greater quality of life, Pono has established a partnership with The Center for Kinesthetic Education. Through this partnership, Dr. Martha Eddy, Founder and Director, monitors and supports each child’s motor development through quarterly neurodevelopment screening and individualized recommendations for each child. Support our Movement Therapy Program by covering the cost of next term's screening.


Help support Mentorship, a program where the older children study in depth a topic of interest and complete a related project. Pono’s mentorship program fosters in-depth, guided exploration of subjects chosen by Pono students ages six and older, allowing the children to work with experts who share their knowledge. This fall the students worked with educators from the New York Historical Society to learn about topics including New York’s first people, immigration, slavery, and the Civil War.

The Earthsavers

Screenshot 2017-11-20 17.26.26.png

Pow! Zap! Whiz! Pono’s first comic book, The Earthsavers, was written and illustrated by our students, ages 7 to 10. Join forces with us! Help fund our marketing strategies to bring The Earthsavers to a wider audience.

Martial Arts


Karate, judo, kendo, and kung fu. These four martial arts have been requested by the children. Help us continue martial arts training at Pono.

The Community Garden 


Our littlest Pono friends, the Sprouts, love cleaning, planting, and watering Lydia’s Magic Garden. Help us purchase materials and tools for them to continue their work in this community garden, so that beautiful things can continue to sprout!


Pono Chorus


Help form the Pono Chorus! Pono children will meet weekly with music educator Ali Dineen to sing and rehearse songs for the group to perform at our summer fundraiser in 2018. They will focus on folk songs from different cultural traditions and learn vocal teamwork.

Art Gallery


This summer, we will transform the Pono space into an art gallery featuring works by all of the children. Help us purchase the necessary materials and hire an art handler who will frame and install the children’s artwork.


Of Fashion Design 


Help us bring the Fashion District to Pono! Pono children have asked to work with a designer, who will guide them in creating their own clothing. Your support will allow us to bring a professional to work with the children and to purchase materials.

Of Parkour


Help us bring The Movement Creative back to Pono. This group teaches children to explore their surrounding environment through the creative movement skills of parkour. They take play seriously!

Of Storytelling with Laura Simms


Laura Simms is an award-winning performer and a humanitarian who uses storytelling to advocate for change. She is a Senior Research Fellow for the International Institute for Peace at Rutgers University-Newark under the auspices of UNESCO. Help us bring Laura back to Pono to share her storytelling with the children. 


What is Philosophy?


Pono children aren’t afraid to ask big questions! Help us bring a philosophy instructor to guide them in exploring questions about wisdom, knowledge, values, and reason.

Where Are We on Earth?

Battery Park.jpg

If you know a Pono child, you will be familiar with a strong curiosity about the world. The children have requested to study geography. Help bring a visiting teacher who will introduce the children to this topic and guide them to better understand their place on Earth and their connection to other people and places.


Monkey Magnets 

monkey magnets.jpg

Whenever Pono children visit MoMath (The National Museum of Mathematics), they delight in making patterns with these bright monkey magnets. The magnets can interlock to create a colorful mosaic.

Dinosaur Magnets 

dinosur magnets.jpg

Whenever Pono children visit MoMath (The National Museum of Mathematics), they delight in making patterns with these charming dinosaur magnets. The magnets can interlock to create a colorful mosaic.

Subway Trains


All aboard! Our little Pono friends enjoy playing train conductor. Help us purchase a set of wooden subway cars for our train enthusiasts.

Wooden Mushrooms

sorting game mushrooms.jpg

This handmade folk toy is a set of wooden mushrooms with pictures of ladybugs, leaves, and flowers on the mushroom caps. Some of our youngest children will enjoy sorting these mushrooms by size, color or by the picture on a cap.

Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls

People toy.jpg

Encourage children to use their imagination as they play with these simple, colorful dolls.

Village of Small Houses


We all know it takes a village! Help the Pono children create their own village with these colorful wooden cottages.



Do you know any Pono friends who love wheels? Transport them on make-believe adventures with these colorful wooden trucks.