Gift Catalog

Give a meaningful gift this holiday season; make a child's interest a reality! The field trips, visitors, books, and games listed below are the children’s own requests.

By giving a gift to Pono, you are ensuring children's stories of education are full of adventure, exploration, and wonderment.  

Thank you!


Trip to Philadelphia

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We are going to Philly! Our full-day trip will focus on learning about history and government. Help support our journey to explore this historic city and learn the role it has played in shaping the U.S. government.

Grand Central Terminal 

The children have requested to learn about the history of Grand Central Terminal. Help us take them on a guided tour that focuses not only on the architectural highlights of the terminal but provides the fascinating stories behind this iconic New York City landmark.

The Space Shuttle Pavilion

One of the Pono children requested a field trip to the International Space Station! We cannot go there yet, but we can start with a trip to the Space Shuttle Pavilion at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Complex Museum. The Space Shuttle Pavilion showcases the space shuttle Enterprise, the prototype NASA orbiter that paved the way for the space shuttle program. Help take the children on a tour that immerses them in the science and history of Enterprise and the space shuttle era!

The Center For Book Arts


The Center for Book Arts, an organization that preserves the traditional art of making books, was a trip destination this past term. Our host showed us letterpress blocks and explained how they are used in a printing press. The children learned how to make pop-up books and accordion books. They enjoyed using tools of the trade, including bone folders, to make their own books. Help us take the children back to the Center for the Book Arts, where they can learn to work with a printing press!

Central Park Zoo

Pono children show a strong affinity for animals. Help take them to Central Park Zoo, where a guide will answer the children’s questions and teach them about the zoo’s important work as part of the Wildlife Conservation Society. Just steps away from Fifth Avenue, the children can see more than 130 species, including snow leopards, grizzly bears, and penguins, and they can feed and pet goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs, and meet the only cow living in Manhattan!

Ice Skating

Many Pono children took to the ice for the first time at The Rink in Bryant Park's Winter Village. The rink's skating coaches give expert guidance and the children always enjoy discovering that they can glide across the ice! Help us have another ice skating lesson and day on the ice.


Help Our Library Grow 

Pono children often reach for a book and can frequently be found reading to one another. Support our avid readers with a library full of titles they can read on their own and with their friends.

Help Our Library Grow 

"Would you like to hear a story?" is a question our youngest Pono friends love to hear! Help us fill our library with titles that will spark the children's curiosity and engage their imaginations during story time.



Earlier this year the Pono children proposed the need for tables. With the guidance and help of a professional woodworker the children designed and assembled four beautiful tables. While using them, the children have noticed some limitations in the design. Help us invite the woodworker back to Pono to help the children explore how to improve the tables.

Movement Therapy


Because motor development is vitally tied to a child’s ability to sequence both body and thought, and therefore to learning and greater quality of life, Pono has established a partnership with The Center for Kinesthetic Education. Through this partnership, Dr. Martha Eddy, Founder and Director, monitors and supports each child’s motor development through quarterly neurodevelopment screening and individualized recommendations for each child. Support our Movement Therapy Program by covering the cost of next term's screening.

Friday Focus Study

Help support Focus Study, a term-long program where the older children study in depth a topic of interest and complete a related project. Chemistry was the topic of last term's Focus Study. Under the guidance of Dr. Leonisa Ardizonne, the children created an Interactive Periodic Table. The older Pono children proposed seven topics for their Focus Study this winter term and then debated the pros and cons of each. They have agreed to focus on one of the following three areas: The U.S. Constitution and branches of government, women’s rights throughout history, or martial arts. Availability of experts will determine which of the three topics will be this term’s Focus Study. The other two topics will be addressed in lessons. 

The Children's Poems

The older Pono children wrote some inspired poems—acrostics, haikus, odes, rhyming, and free verse. They hope to publish them in Pono's first ever poetry anthology. Help the children share their poems with the public!

Martial Arts

Karate, judo, kendo, and kung fu. These four martial arts have been requested by the children. Help us resume martial arts training at Pono.


Of Bek Millhouse's Guided Tour

This past term the children visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and learned about medieval art and Impressionist artists with artist Bek Millhouse. Help up visit the Met again and explore more of its treasures through the eyes of our Bek!


Why Haven't Women Been Treated Equally?


A lesson on the French Revolution with Fordham history professor Magda Teter, and specifically the exclusion of women from the Declaration of the Rights of Man, triggered the children to ask, “Why haven’t women been treated equally throughout history?” Help us invite a historian and women’s rights activist who can tackle this important topic with the children.


Conectaballs is a 3D puzzle suitable for all ages. It consists of eighteen strings of eight wooden balls joined together on an elastic string. Conectaballs allows the children to construct many spatial forms while it encourages imagination and creativity by mixing shapes and patterns.

Forces and Motions Kit

Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone, or Dr. A, has created her own line of inquiry-based science kits. Purchase 3 "Forces and Motions" kits and help the children explore some "big ideas," such as gravity, mass, and Newton's Three Laws of Motion. 


Automated External Defibrillator


Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) save lives. An AED is the only treatment proven to restore a normal heart rhythm. Every minute that the heart is not beating lowers the odds of survival by 7–10 percent. The use of an AED increases the chances of survival to 70 percent. The American Heart Association (AHA) strongly supports having AEDs in public areas such as sports arenas, office complexes, schools, and other public places.