Who Are We Looking For?

A balanced human being—personally, ethically, and morally.

An energetic child-at-heart who loves to be around kids.

A good listener.

Interested in non-traditional educational philosophies.

Self-reflective and open to new ideas.

Experienced in working with children (helpful, but not necessary).


What Internship Areas Are We Seeking to Fill?

We are currently seeking interns in:


Foreign Languages (Arabic, Spanish, Japanese).


Nutrition and cooking.

Technology (to help maintain and update our website).

Marketing (to help promote our nontraditional approach to education).

What Do Interns Learn?

At the beginning of the internship period, interns participate in an intensive briefing in the philosophy and principles of Pono and in democratic education in general. Throughout, interns participate in the Professional Development Program, which focuses on democratic education and the Pono principles: listening, communication, and prejudice reduction. Working alongside the teachers and director, interns have the opportunity to see the Pono philosophy modeled. The teachers and director provide immediate support to help interns integrate intellectually and emotionally their experience at Pono. During the internship period, interns have access to all professional talks, workshops, and conferences planned for the staff.

What Are the Responsibilities of Interns?

An intern’s responsibilities include working with the children experientially, leading some lessons in at least one area, assisting teachers in lesson planning and preparation, and sharing daily responsibilities of reflection, note-taking, housekeeping, and maintenance. Interns are required to participate in professional development and staff meetings as well as attend and support community meetings and events.

When Does the Internship Begin and End?

Internships start on the first staff day and end on the last staff day of any term. We strongly prefer full year internships, but will consider part time applications. The minimum internship period accepted is one whole term—nine weeks. Renewal of internship is mutually determined by the intern and director. The director reserves the right to terminate the internship at any violation/infraction which might impact the well being or safety of the children, or the integrity of  Pono.

How to Apply?

To apply, submit the form below. Strong applications will address the following questions:

  • What makes you a good fit for Pono?
  • What makes you a strong candidate for this position?
  • What support would you need to excel in the position? Please be specific.

Current resume and any additional information you think we should consider in evaluating you as a candidate need to be submitted electronically to Kate at Candidates will be informed if they were selected for a first-round interview on a rolling basis.

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