There is always something happening at Pono! Read about our field trips, visiting teachers, classes, and special events.


Read on for a taste of Summer in Pono!

Come And Follow Me...

Pono child Shohei shared his love of dinosaurs with his friends this week. We learned interesting facts about triceratops and enjoyed seeing detailed illustrations and Shohei's favorite toy dinosaurs!


Artist Bek Millhouse met with the older children and demonstrated making a stencil and silkscreening. The next step will be for the children to make their own stencils and silkscreen project with Bek!


The younger children and Bek discussed how our bodies are made of shapes. The children then traced circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles to make a geometric self-portrait, and they added a variety of personalized details. 


What could be more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of lemonade? How about a glass of watermelon-honeydew-canteloupe-tangerine-lemonade? Pono parent and chef George Duran guided the children in scooping, cutting, squeezing, and blending the ingredients into a delicious drink. Cheers! This is what summer tastes like!


Musician Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez conducted a symphony with the older Pono children using their voices as the instruments. Jake also played his cello to accompany several verses of "This Little Light of Mine."


Pono parent and yoga instructor Eric Stoneberg led our weekly yoga session in Marcus Garvey Park. The children are discovering they are growing stronger as they practice keeping their balance!


Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

Madelyn used face paint to transform the younger children into colorful dinosaurs that roamed Marcus Garvey Park. A crowd favorite was a rainbow triceratops!


The older Pono children headed to our neighborhood Staples to deliver a request for school supplies to donate to Hearts of Gold, the charitable organization that supports homeless mothers and children. 


This week in literacy, the students in the younger group followed up learning how to spell the word make and figured out how to write most other words in the -ake family. They were then introduced to the words what, when, and why. They acted as word detectives and found these terms in the Pono library. The children also enjoyed playing Word Act, in which one student acts out a word, and the others guess what it is. 

Julietta re-introduced the older students to haiku this week. She and the children read various examples and analyzed them, observing that the poems tended to involve nature and were generally peaceful, in contrast to the emotion and action in other poetic forms they have read. When it was time to put pencil to paper, the children were surprised to find how easily haikus flowed from their imaginations, despite the strict syllable structure (three lines at 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively)!


The younger children learned about artifacts and how they can tell stories about the people who left them behind. They joined Madelyn for an exploration of Marcus Garvey Park to collect and document objects left by people, as well as items from nature. Later they shared what they had discovered and described what they had found, including a plastic bracelet and acorns.


This week in math with Maysaa the youngest children let their imaginations inspire them as they made colorful chains and counted the number of hooks in the chains.

The older children created a measurement tool composed of strips of ten and used it throughout the Pono space. This measurement context introduced double digit addition strategies.

The oldest children, who meet with math instructor David D'Alessio, used a graph paper array  to solve problems about "Muffles' Truffles Shop," and explored multiplication through a graphical experience.


The younger children interacted with colorful balloons during their movement class with Francesca. They practiced using their hands, feet, shoulders, even their noses, to keep the balloons afloat!  Francesca led a movement class for the older children. They delighted in finding creative ways to move to music in the Pono space.


This week in Spanish with Kate, the younger children worked with a magnetic puzzle to practice vocabulary for parts of the body. The Spanish terms are really starting to stick with the Pono amigos!


The Pono friends enjoyed quality time with Pono pets Emma and Tiddles!


Here We Go, Pono, Here We Go...

This week we celebrated birthdays for three Pono friends–Bodi, Towa, and Raif–with a day of discovery at the American Museum of Natural History. We started with the exhibit Crocs: Ancient Predators in a Modern World, which included a live African dwarf crocodile and a Siamese crocodile! Next, we traveled to deep space as we watched the Hayden Planetarium space show Dark Universe. After returning to Earth, we enjoyed lunch outside and then headed back to the museum for the exhibit Dinosaurs Among Us, which details the transition from ancient dinosaurs to modern birds. We ended our day with playtime in Central Park's Diana Ross Playground


Madelyn led the Pono friends on a nature walk through The Ramble in Central Park. She encouraged the children to look closely for signs of living things under logs, in trees, and on stones. Their careful observations were rewarded with discoveries of insects, plants, turtles, and birds. The children also enjoyed time in Strawberry Fields and by the Bethesda Fountain. We ended our exploration at Belvedere Castle, the park's official weather station, and took in the views from the castle's observation deck. 


Mentorship Fridays...

Our resident singer-songwriter had done it again! This week she penned her fourth pop song, titled "Friday Night." She is amassing an imaginative and inspiring song catalog and has been practicing vocal technique with Julietta. When the time comes for her performance, you simply won't want to miss it!

You'll also want to add the Pono comic book to your "Won't Want to Miss" list! This week the comic book team met with artist Bek Millhouse to work on some of their finishing details. We can't wait to find out how the team's superheroes save the planet!


Pono Says Hello...

This term the older children have been very involved in their Kindness Project, particularly in how they can help support Hearts of Gold. We invite you to learn more about the work this charitable organization does by visiting their website,