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Pono Presents at the AERO Conference at Long Island University!

We are looking forward to Pono's involvement at this year's AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) conference at Long Island University on August 4th. Maysaa and seven of the Pono children will present at the conference. To learn more about about the conference, please visit

The following description of Pono's presentation is on the AERO site: 

"Learning Journeys – Pono Faculty and Students What can a learning journey look like in the context of a democratic school? Members of Pono, a democratic outdoor school in Harlem, New York City, will present the different stages of a learning journey they have embarked on and explain the elements and structure that support and foster such real-world leaning journeys. Halina Avery-Stead (student, age 6); Dr. Maysaa Bazna (founder and director); Zoë Deshmukh (student, age 7); Sulaf Hatab (student, age 9); Towa Mikami (student, age 9); Aureliano Ruiz (student, age 9); Jasper Stoneberg (student, age 10); and Willa Sullivan (student, age 8)."