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The Earthsavers Fundraiser

Pono is happy to announce that after two years of hard work, The Earthsavers, an exhilarating and heart-touching comic book created by our students, is finally here! 

The Earthsavers is a seven-chapter comic book written and illustrated by students ages 7 to 10. The book is about five superheroes, each based on actual children, that must work together to save the Earth from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes caused by drilling companies. 

The Earthsavers is an inspiring, funny, and creative story that motivates people to work with their communities. The project has an emphasis on celebrating individuality while also highlighting the power of working as a group. This book encourages people to see children as creative and innovative artists, whose voices are important. Most of all, it encourages the readers to reach out to those around them in their most difficult and lonely times. 

Now, the Earthsavers are in need of your help! With your donation, we will be able to publish this fantastic 75-page comic book.

  • The “Thank you, I’m so moooooved” package: Donations of $25 will receive a hand-written thank you note from an Earthsaver.
  • The "Phoof" package: Donations of $60 will receive the above along with an online shout-out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • The "What Can it Be?" package: Donations of $125 receive all the above and a CD with the soundtrack of the musical’s original songs.
  • The "Will you Help?" package:Donations of $175 will receive all the above along with a copy of the comic book.
  • The "We Succeed" package: Donations of $250 will receive all the above along with an original page of the comic book signed by the Earthsavers.
  • The "This is it!" package: Donations of $500 will receive all the above along with a Pono t-shirt signed by the Earthsavers.