Rent the Pono Space

The Pono space is the perfect venue for birthday parties, yoga, dance classes, and more!


Our light-filled, nature inspired, clean, and open Pono space is available on weekends and evenings to rent for birthday parties and other events or meetings. 

Our rate for birthday parties, baby showers, and other one-time special events is $450 for a 4-hour minimum rental ($100/hour for additional hours). The rate for meetings or classes on weekdays is $50 an hour. For the full list of rental fees, please write to us at

Use of the second floor space is an additional $50 fixed fee. There is a $150 security deposit.

We offer 20 child-sized and 10 adult-sized folding chairs and 4 folding tables for $25 (fixed, not hourly), and we have interlocking rubber mats that we can provide for $20 (again fixed, not hourly).

To inquire about availability, please write to us at or submit the form below.

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A message about our space from a Pono student:

Hi, everyone! My name is Sulaf Tarek Hatab. I'm 8 years old, and I'm a student at Pono.
Pono is an outdoor school where the kids design the curriculum. When there are no classes happening, people can rent the space for special events, like graduation parties, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, and more. It can also be rented for classes, shows, yoga, Pilates, and much more. It's really up to you. The money we get from people renting this space goes to inviting visiting teachers and going on trips. 

The Pono space has 2 floors and 3 bathrooms (2 on the bottom floor and 1 on the top floor). Both the first floor and the second floor have big windows that let in plenty of natural light when the sun is out. One of the bathrooms on the bottom floor has our paintings on the walls, and we also painted the wall in between both bathrooms. The bottom floor has 2 rooms, which are not of equal size, since the West room is smaller than the East one. The West room also has a stairwell to get to the top floor. The 17 stairs have pink rubber on them and are numbered in 3 languages: Arabic, English, and Japanese. 

On the second floor, there is 1 room. It overlooks the beautiful Marcus Garvey Park, which is where we go for recess. The second floor also has a modern kitchen, and a vertical garden that consists of 12 wall-planters arranged in 3 rows on the wall. Each plant was planted by one of us. 

We also have 2 pet turtles named Tiddles and Emma. Remember to keep the light that is on top of their tank on AT ALL TIMES. The light is their heat, and turtles hate cold weather. I can relate. Well, sort of. If you want to cover the turtles's tank with a piece of cloth to keep students or guests from getting distracted, that is completely fine, as long as you keep the light that is on their tank on. 

So if you are having a celebration or a class (or a series of classes) and you don't know where to have it, contact Pono by phone, by e-mail, or come visit the space for yourself to rent it for whatever you want. If you rent the space or not, I wish you every happiness.